Dan Holder┬áis a Christian songwriter, producer, studio musician (mainly acoustic guitar) and former lead singer of Tranquility, a Christian band that toured the world in the late 1970s. Tranquility released a top-5 Christian album in 1976, also titled “Tranquility.” Since then, Dan has released two additional CDs (see below) to spread his music ministry: “Stormy” (2014) and “Nevermore Alone” (2012). Finally, after nine years, Dan released an all-digital EP on Bandcamp and Spotify, titled “Little Bitty Boat” – a bossa nova tribute to his childhood in Brazil – among other genres.

This website is a tribute to the music of Dan Holder and Tranquility – a message of real hope in a troubled world. To hear Tranquility‘s music, just scroll down! For photos from various concerts, tours and recording sessions, see the Gallery page.

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