Booking Dan

The Ministry Content and Theology

Dan delivers a non-denominational Christian message, lifting up the Gospel of Jesus Christ without sectarian bias (see 1 Corinthians 15:1-5 for a clear definition of “Gospel”). He performs original songs and his musical styles include his well-loved ballads, plus country, bluegrass, soft rock, Brazilian, and light jazz – all with strong, Bible-inspired lyrics. Dan adds
his personal story and spiritual testimony during the program, and explains how the ministry works.

Concerts range between 60 and 90 minutes; but specific durations can be selected if, for example, the venue is televising the event within on-air constraints.

How Dan Holder Does Concerts

Revenues from Dan’s concerts and recordings are reinvested into further music projects or to raise funds for worthy causes.

Dan can perform a limited number of concerts each year. Depending upon the size and location of the venue, Dan will either perform with his own live backup band, work with local backup musicians, or perform solo using backtracks from his recordings and/or acoustic guitar.

Lead Time for Bookings

Dan requires a minimum of three (3) months’ notice for any concert or major appearance outside of the greater DFW (Texas) area. If the event requires Dan to bring his own backup musicians, additional lead time may be required.

“Pay It Forward” Option

Dan’s preferred method of supporting his ministry is the opposite of most Christian acts. Traditionally, Christian¬†artists collect a “love offering” and then sell recordings after the performance. This model limits the number of families who will take the music home with them, favoring only those who can afford it.

Dan’s model is faith-based; giving each family in the audience a FREE CD just for attending. This guarantees that Dan’s music ministry follows each family home. These CDs have been paid for by prior audiences. The current audience will be asked to “pay it forward” via an offering to the next audience; without any obligation to do so. If audience members wish additional CDs beyond the freebie, they are made available on a donation basis.

If the total offering exceeds the wholesale cost of the free CDs given out, Dan pays a “tithe” from the excess back to the church or venue, giving the venue incentive to fill the seats and aggressively market the event.

Flat Fee Option

If the church or venue prefers to pay a flat honorarium instead of relying on an offering model, Dan can still provide free CDs to families in attendance by following this simple formula: 50% of the total seats, multiplied by $5.00, or 50% of total ticket sales, whichever is greater, plus travel and lodging expenses (if necessary). If this option is chosen, any proceeds from ticket sales or offerings in excess of the honorarium remain with the venue. Dan will still offer CDs for those who wish additional copies, but each family will receive a free CD.

If the Flat Fee option is chosen, a deposit of 25% of the honorarium will be paid in advance to help cover the cost of travel and CDs supplied to the event. If the event is cancelled for any reason before any travel has occurred and has not been rescheduled, the deposit will be refunded.

Travel and Lodging

Events farther than 100 miles from Fort Worth, TX, may require either airfare or mileage reimbursement to cover travel. If the logistics of the event requires Dan and/or his backup musicians to arrive the day before and/or after the event, then lodging should be provided (or reimbursed) as well as ground transportation to and from the venue and the airport/hotel. The cost of these arrangements are in addition to any proceeds collected at the event.

If the event is a fundraiser for a worthy cause that Dan supports, he may waive all travel and lodging expenses – at his discretion – for the event as part of his contribution to the cause.


Dan is willing to appear on local radio and TV stations to promote his concerts. He will appear for “special music” during church services prior to the concert to give audiences a taste of his material. He will provide pre-printed posters (or the printer-ready artwork for the venue to print); and will provide CDs for the radio stations to play.

Dan will also add the event to his website at, and on his Facebook fan page at, and will talk up the event with his fans.

The venue is expected to vigorously promote the concert in order to attract a full house. This effort should include:

  • contacting surrounding churches, schools, and businesses with concert info;
  • getting 11″x17″ posters up throughout the community;
  • inserting fliers in church bulletins;
  • regularly announcing the concert during the weeks prior to the event;
  • making arrangements with local Christian radio stations to play Dan’s music and
    interview him when he arrives in town; and
  • promoting the concert on the venue’s website and on social media.

Of course, it also helps to let the public know that each FAMILY in attendance will receive a FREE CD!

Sound and Visual Equipment

For churches or venues of 600 seats or below, Dan may bring his own PA equipment. In larger venues, Dan will supply stereo output from his mixing board, or will supply a sound engineer to operate the venue’s system. Dan uses wireless mics and in-ear wireless monitors rather than floor monitors (to reduce feedback and muddiness). Dan plays mostly acoustic guitar, but will sometimes trade off with an electric guitar.

For backup-band performances, Dan will either bring his own musicians or will work with the venue’s music director well in advance of the concert to provide charts for the local musicians to back Dan up (including vocalists if desired). Dan has played with live orchestras large and small, and can adapt to just about any configuration.

Dan typically likes to project PowerPoint media with Bible verses that inspired each song, followed by the lyrics of the songs as they are performed. The venue should provide the projection equipment and a means of receiving the PowerPoint feed from a laptop or USB drive. If a monitor screen is also available facing the stage for Dan to see during the event, the same multimedia feed should be transmitted to it.

Live Recordings

The venue has permission to record and stream Dan’s performance, both audio and video, for live or delayed broadcast, subject to the following:

  • Video must include appropriate artist, song title, and copyright attribution;
  • Venue must provide a copy of the raw (unedited) footage and/or audio recordings to Dan for his unrestricted use (Dan will credit the venue and event where appropriate).


Depending upon location and size, Dan may bring his own sound engineer, musicians, and multimedia operator (usually his wife Cynthia).

The church or venue should be prepared to have greeters at the door to hand out Dan’s special business cards, which each family can trade for a free CD after the event. Ushers should also be available to collect the “pay it forward” offering mid-concert. The funds should be counted and made available to Dan or his representative immediately following the concert. If the total exceeds the wholesale¬†cost of the free CDs, a portion will be donated/tithed back to the venue.

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